SoNo Collection – Bazille

Located right off of I-95 in Norwalk, one of my new favorite places just opened up their doors for business. The SoNo Collection is one of the only new malls that has recently been built in the entire country, and we are lucky enough to have it close enough to go every day!

This new luxury collection features stores like Bloomingdales, Nordstroms, H&M, a Mercedes Benz dealership and more. The entire mall is spacious, modern, and it is easy to spend a whole day strolling. Located inside of the multilevel Nordstroms, you will notice that a new restaurant takes up most of the top floor with fantastic views of the surrounding Long Island Sound, the beautiful bridges and the parks of South Norwalk through all glass floor to ceiling windows. Bazille opened up with the new mall, and is the best alternative to an old fashioned mall food court. Nordstroms is known to have delectable restaurants in most of their stores, but this take was by far one of the best we have seen.

Once you are seated at Bazille, you must take a minute to look around at the views, as they are almost as breathtaking as the luxurious store itself. We sat in a booth overlooking the harbor, and began to look at the menu. You will notice that the SoNo Collection features no food court, but instead a few bar-style pop-up restaurants along with Bazille. The menu was simple, elegant, and affordable, and we decided to order a few of the dishes that were recommended by our excellent waiter. There is also an extensive wine and drink menu that accompanies the food, but we decided to stick to water for lunch. I ordered the steak frites, which included a tender, flavorful sirloin cut with rosemary french fries. On the side was a kalamata olive aioli, which was sour and umami, perfect to cut the richness of the steak. We also ordered a french dip sandwich, which was piled high with melt in your mouth steak and encased in a crispy yet subtle baguette. The au jus on the side was rich and deep in flavor, and the french fries on the side were fried to perfection and covered with parmesan and herbs. Since we were in a splurging mood, we decided to try a few of the desserts that made our mouths water just by looking at the names.

The chocolate chip cookie skillet was warm and gooey, with a sweet vanilla ice cream on top that melted into the slightly soft cookie. We also picked the white chocolate bread pudding, which was covered in a white chocolate drizzle and berries. The bread pudding was supple and creamy, and the tart berries paired perfectly with the heavy base. Eating this delicious of a meal so high up with the paired view, it felt like we were at a high class restaurant that would cost a fortune. But no, we were right at home at the new SoNo Collection, and Bazille will definitely soon become a weekly favorite! Enjoy the food, and don’t forget to check out the new stores and stands as well!

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